Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is a sad post for me.  When Texasblu was little I made salt dough figures for ornaments. One year I did a collection of Wizard of Oz and various other characters that she loved.  When we moved to the country, they were in storage.  I nearly cried the following Christmas when I pulled out the box and found a mouse had gnawed in and destroyed most of the figures.  We always enjoyed making Salt Dough Figures. It was a regular craft for the holidays when the children were little. Here is a recipe if you want to try making some with your family Click here to go to the site.  

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Later my aunt crocheted some ornaments for each of the children and I bought a porcelain  "Holly Baby" Angel for each of the children. I had two accidents one of which was irreversible and to purchase a second one. 


As we were blessed with grandchildren, I couldn't find Holly Baby Angel ornaments but was blessed to find a pattern for ornaments and made one for each of my first four grandchildren.
They have all been given to my family except for the original 6 porcelain figures which are on the mantel. 

I have not put up a tree since the Hero died.  My children put up my mothers prelighted, decorated tree to cheer up the house. 

This year maybe I will help and add some ornaments.


  1. Beautiful post. It's sad when the 'stuff' we treasure so much break or get ruined. I have a nativity set that I've had for years. My grown son was here for Thanksgiving and broke one of the thoughts 'it's just stuff' irreplaceable probably but we can't take it with us. Son couldn't understand why I didn't blow up! 10 years ago I probably would have.

    Praying your Christmas goes better this year. It's not easy losing the love our lives.

  2. Do you think the Hero would want you to miss out on any Christmas joy? I would bet not.
    Add some ornaments and maybe the spirit will move you.

  3. Thank you both. Lori, I was shopping today and found two nativity ornaments (BTW those are hard to find) and I put the first ornaments on the tree today. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Agree with Lori E., I don't believe the Hero would have wanted you to miss out on the joys of the season, including the tree trimming.

  5. Your mention of crocheted ornaments reminds me of crocheted snowflakes I put on my tree each year, for over 30 years now. In my first year as a teacher a fellow teacher, who taught me more about teaching than any college course ever did, made them for me. They are quite special.

    Why not try a tree this year? Maybe a small one.