Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Christmas at School

I have been busy with learning some new features coming out in FamilySearch Indexing.  It is exciting, but has caused me to miss some blogging I wanted to do.  Today's prompt is:  Christmas at School
What did you or your ancestors do to celebrate Christmas at school? Were you ever in a Christmas Pageant?
My ancestors did not have any specific "school" celebrations at Christmas that I have ever heard of.  It wasn't until I began school in Edmond Oklahoma at Central State College's elementary that I personally experienced a school Christmas activity.
Since the school was at a college and all the faculty were either students or professors, their Christmas Play was a huge production.  I have a program of the last play I was in during the 6th grade. I was privileged to be one of the five angels in the Manger scene.  What fun and we were all so excited. Some how my over picture taking mother did not get a picture of this.  So you will have to do with the program.

When the Hero and I would talk about Christmas plays and our children were in the Church party Manger scenes, he would always break out in song about "I am the Angel in the Christmas Play". I should have entered this in FootenoteMaven's Blog Caroling.
[My daughter has pictures of this years funny nativity scene at her church party.  I was almost falling off my seat laughing at the antics of the sheperds and angels.  As soon as she as a computer again she is going to send me and I will add. ]

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  1. I've enjoyed reading through all your Advent posts-made me feel all christmasy on this dreary icy morning!