Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Deceased Relatives/Sweetheart Memories

I was babysitting the toddlers yesterday so I did not get my post done...It is okay, because the yesterday's and today's topics go hand in hand for me.  Two years ago at approximately 9 am, the time is fuzzy for me, the Hero passed from this life into peace.  For some reason this year has been harder than the previous years. 
As for what we do, one of my children, last year it was my youngest son, and I go to the grave site and take flowers.  I have planted rosemary and thyme which have done very well.  It is an older cemetery without all the restrictions.  Believe it or not I still have not been able to decide on a tombstone. 
The holiday is lonely without his voice, so I hope you have not minded me sharing his stories.  It helps to get them written while they are still vivid. I can tell you with out hesitation, he is my hero, and love of my life.  I miss him.
Collage from when we met until when we parted.    
My favorite much used item that the Hero gave me for our first Christmas was my first sewing machine.  Little did he know that it would affect his life as much as it did, nor how many hours of  joy it would give me.  I have blogged about the sewing machine click here to read about it if you would like. I stitched this poem for my daughter when she was eight.
When I'm a grown up woman
With hair up on my head,
I'll sit and sew till very late
And never go to bed.
She believed it because, mom was always sewing late at night after I got home from work.  I love sewing, he could not have gotten me a better present. 


  1. Frances I thank you for sharing your stories of your Hero this year. Your love and devotion is an inspiration to us all.

  2. Your Hero stories will be a wonderful treasure for your grandchildren.

  3. Love you Mom. I'm conflicted sometimes because I know you miss him but I'm so happy you are here to be apart of your childrens' joys and sorrows. Thankyou Mom for continuing on.

  4. Your memories and the stories you share about the Hero are very heartwarming. It's obvious you two had/have something special. I say 'have' because you still have the memories of a great love...that's something you can never lose and sharing those memories with others helps us understand you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life by sharing these memories.

  5. Your love and stories are an inspiration. Have enjoyed reading each and every one.

  6. The Hero stories are some of the absolute best ones out there in the blogging world - thank you for sharing him with us. He must have made many people happy when he was still here, and the stories about him continue to provide pleasure to many. By writing about him, you have helped to leave a wonderful heritage for his children and their children.

  7. Thank you to all of you. I appreciate your kind words. I had been asked by some what his name was, and I thought that you might like to know when he died. I have a chance to visit with his sister for a couple of weeks and maybe we will be able to gleen some childhood stories. ; )