Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Traditional Dishes

Lillian, Texasblu and two sisters
The topic of Christmas and traditional dishes brings back the memories of the days when we did a great deal of baking and Christmas parties.  Today, my Christmas time is much quieter with all the children out of the home and I go to their houses for the holidays.

The particular dish that comes to mind is a cookie that I will quote Texasblu's note in the Ellsworth Domestic Goddess Cookbook she made for the family.  "I personally have wonderful memories tied up in foods that my mother and grandmothers have made for me during the years.....Then there was Great Grandmother's rum balls every Christmas that I used to sneak when mom wasn't looking."
So the memorable dish is "Rum Balls".  They were the craze in the 1960's.  Lillian Sackley Ellsworth would save from the newspaper, but at the same time The Joy of Cooking Cookbook came out and had the recipe in it. If you click on the title of the book it will take you to the recipe and instructions online. 
Lillian Sackley Sherman Recipe


  1. Please send me a copy of that picture you have of her. I have no "younger year" pictures of her.

  2. Oops - I meant the one you scrapbooked with the recipe. :P

  3. Will be glad to...It is actually from another picture. <3

  4. Rum balls - YUM! Haven't had those for years but I think this year would be a good time to bring them back. :-)

  5. I think we all have certain foods that take us back to childhood-especially around the holidays. The Rum balls sound yummy : )