Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sentimental Sunday The Hero and Our First New Years Eve

The first year we were married, I was in college and the Hero worked.   At the end of my fall semester, my mom and dad came and took me to visit with them.   The plan was for the Hero to come up to Oklahoma for New Years, then we would come back home to Texas. 
He and I were filled with excitement and anticipation the morning of New Year's Eve.  It was the first time we had been separated since we were married.  We talked at noon and he said they were closing, and he would leave as soon as he picked up his clothes at home.  It was in the days before cell phones.  I figured out how long it would take him.  It was in the days before the Interstate highways were built.  The roads were two lanes, and fraught with small towns and stop lights. [Thought since it was about archaic times, I would use an archaic term. ; ) ]   I expected him about 11 pm, but at 6:30pm he called and said he was sick.  He had nearly passed out on the road and was startled into alertness by a truck honking at him as he veered across the white line.  The best choice was for him was to check into a motel and sleep until morning.  We were so disappointed, and I was worried. 
My father took pity on us. He packed me in the car to go and get the Hero.  At 8:30 pm we picked the puny looking Hero up and started home.  Since the Hero was not holding things down on his stomach, (my nice way of putting it.) my father decided it would be best if I drove his car and he drove the Hero in the Hero's car.  With a few stops on the way, we found ourselves winding through the Arbuckle Mountains at 11:50 pm.  My father signaled to pull over at a rest stop.  We waited until Midnight. I got to give the Hero a kiss for our First New Year.  An embrace was exchanged with the kiss and then we proceeded to my father's home.  It was so worth the drive.  I was grateful to my father for his thoughtfulness and it was a memory worth keeping.
This next month I will be helping the Hero's sister.  She has sustained an injury to her foot and will not be able to take care of herself for a while.  I am sorry she is hurt, but...(wiggling eyebrows) I am excited about spending time hearing early Hero stories. ; )  


  1. What a lovely thing for your Dad to rescue the ailing young husband! Great post!

  2. Lovely story/memory. Nice of you to help you sister-in-law, got batteries for your voice recorder??? Happy New Year Frances.

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