Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Christmas Pasts

A time of wonderful Christmas Memories for the family is when we would go to Oklahoma and pick up my Aunt Lynn.  She is our colorful character.
One year, I drove to Oklahoma to pick her up and bring her back down to Texas for the holidays.  As I arrived, it was cold and foggy, and 10 pm at night.  We all quickly bundled up and grabbed a few hours of sleep before starting back at 5 am.  A winter storm was coming and we had a small window for safe travel.
When we walked out to get into the car, the snow had started. I have often wished I had had a camera to have captured the beautiful sight the trees made. Of course, Aunt Lynn would have chastised me and pushed me to the car.  It was so quiet and peaceful, I hated to start the car.  But start the car we did, and rushed back home to Houston just ahead of the worst of the storm. 
The girls had found a pig pillow form and I made the pillow for her to take home with her.  When she went to the nursing home, that was one the the things she took with her.  That year the oldest son was still home and it was a fun time.

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